Message from the Principal

Dear Students,

I welcome you all to the S.D.S.P.M. College for Women Rayya (Asr) with Pride. This college stands for excellence and continuously sets the highest standards catering more than 1000 students of the rural area. This college is considered among the best and more sought after college in this rural belt.

We feel proud to provide quality education by equipping our students with skills, confidence and a positive approach with an overall development. The college relentlessly striving to perceive and maintain academic excellence at the same time encourages the students to participate in various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. An amiable environment at the college nurtures creativity, passion, resilience and leadership qualities among students for development of versatile personality.

The academic atmosphere in the college is truly inspiring to our students. It encourages them to realize their dreams and achieve their goals which otherwise seems impossible. The Management take keen interest and stand behind any such endeavour for over all development of the students and faculty. Our teachers are committed and dedicated for the development of the institution by imparting their knowledge and play the role of facilitator as well as role model to our students. The members of the non-teaching staff are highly dedicated with total commitment towards the achievement of our mission and goal.

I am proud to say that our students are doing excellent in academic, sports and cultural activities with high moral value and ethics.
We believe ‘The Sky is the only limit’.
My good wishes to all.

Dr.(Mrs.)Anu Kapil