Sports  play   an  instrumental   role  in  the  physical  and  mental   development  of  the  students. Along   with  the  academic  enhancement  the  students  are  motivated  to  take  part in  the  games  for  their  over all  personality  development.  Sports  Club  of  the  College   has  produced  many  State  Level  and  National  Level  players  in  Kabaddi, Fencing, Kho-Kho,  Table-Tennis, Cross-Country, Football, Softball, Volleyball  and  Basketball  games. Every  year  the  Sports  Club  of   the  College  participates  in the  Inter-Varsity  and  Inter-State  Tournaments  and  win  laurels   to  this  alma  mater.

Sports Club is ornated with a spacious Indoor Stadium   and well equipped Gymnasium and big playground for the outdoor events. Our outstanding player, Neetu won the Gold medal   in  All  India Inter-Varsity Kabaddi. Our players Our players bagged First place in Inter College Kho-Kho, Softball, Baseball, Cricket, Cross Country, Second place in Inter College Basketball, Yoga and Football, Third Place in Inter College Circle Style Kabaddi and National Style Kabaddi..

Our players bagged first positions in Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Cross-Country, Soft-Ball and second position in Table-Tennis in the Inter-Varsity Tournaments.

11 Players of the College participated in National Style and Circle Style Kabaddi (State Level) at Hoshiarpur. The Sports   Club of the College   organizes   Annual   Athletics    Meet   every year.