The aim of the N.C.C unit is to develop the qualities of the character, courage, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and the ideals of selfless amongst the young girls of the College and to provide then suitable environment to take up a career in the armed forces.

N.C.C unit of the College organizes the parades on the public days. The cadets are given the rigorous training of the parades, drill, map reading, signal, hygiene and sanitation, firing, posture and self-defense. These cadets are given the Rifle-firing training. Cadets attend the A.T.C Camps at Govt. College Amritsar. In the current year, our ten cadets qualified the “C” Certificate and 26 cadets qualified the “B” Certificate. Apart from this, the cadets also grow plants to ‘Save Environment’. N.C.C. unit of the College is putting all its best to make the rural girls to scale the heights in the Defense Services.

The Motto of N.S.S is “Not me But you” This expresses the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless services and appreciations of another man’s point of view and also shows consideration for the fellow human beings. College runs three units of the N.S.S.  and   the   volunteers  are   always   at   their toes to make the  College  campus  neat and  clean.

They always come forward to work for the beautification of the College premises. These units organize the Poster-Making Competitions on the various themes as Environmental Pollution, Drug-Abuse, Female foeticides and Water Conservation etc. The N.S.S units and Red Cross Club of the College, Flagg off “Awareness Rallies” on the themes of Tree-plantation, Save Environment, Drug-de-Addiction, Blood Donation and AIDS –Awareness. Apart from these activities, N.S.S in collaboration with Red-Cross Club of the College organizes Medical Check-Up Camps in the College campus. The students get their blood group and HB checked up during these Camps. These two Clubs organize the Blood-Donation Camp every year where the enthusiastic students donate their blood to save the human lives. N. S.S Units organize a ten days camp at the adopted village every year. The volunteers in this camp take part in the cleanliness and beautification of the village. Moreover the volunteers educate the illiterate people and teach the village school going children the know-how to operate the computer basics.